Tere Wright Hall

5/5 Tere Wright Hall November 5, 2022 The food was excellent; texture, taste, presentation – perfect. We were very pleasantly surprised. Having switched to gluten free several years ago due to intolerance/sensitivity, finding good options for eating out is a challenge. Grunow’s is a huge winner. Ideal for those that need GF dining, but also … Read more

Natalie D.

5/5 Natalie D. November 16, 2022 Great taste, texture, and presentation.  We ate too much, sampled a lot, and everything was excellent!  As someone with celiac disease, it’s so wonderful to have a locally-owned, gluten-free kitchen.  Grunow’s is a clean establishment with fair prices.  Thai bang shrimp are my favorite ~ they were gone before … Read more

Wesley “djweso” Oman

5/5 Wesley “djweso” Oman January 2023 We had a truly wonderful experience here. The service was out of this world and the food tasted fantastic! Everything wasn’t just gluten free but also really, really good. It was great to have incredible options and quality in a safe environment. Can’t wait to go back! Dietary restrictions: … Read more