Tere Wright Hall


The food was excellent; texture, taste, presentation - perfect. We were very pleasantly surprised. Having switched to gluten free several years ago due to intolerance/sensitivity, finding good options for eating out is a challenge. Grunow's is a huge winner. Ideal for those that need GF dining, but also those with no GF requirement will equally appreciate the menu and quality of food. We had the loaded waffle fries, Thai Bang shrimp, Fish & Chips, Buffalo Chicken salad, loaded mashed potatoes (see pic), mini Blueberry Cheesecakes and a new chocolate dessert the chef created that day. Took a pic of some of them - all amazing. Whether you need GF or not, you'll love the food, service and friendliness of this place.

  • Great food·
  • Healthy options·
  • Good salad·
  • Great dessert